Let's understand and experience the mechanism of sports prosthesis

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The sports prosthesis is made of carbon and has the function of bouncing like a spring. Learn the movement of the prosthesis when the athlete is running, and make an animation together using a model. You can also put on the sports prosthesis that the athlete is actually using and experience how the athlete is running. Finally, we will learn how technology is evolving the human body through driving demonstrations and exchange meetings of former Paralympian Jun Haruta.
Xiborg Co., Ltd.
Date and time
・ August 14th (Sun) 13: 00-15: 00
Toranomon Hills Oval Plaza etc.
[1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo]
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Entry fee
1,000 yen (tax included)
Maximum number of participants
24 people
Recommended age group
Elementary school 1st to middle school 3rd grade
Parent/guardian accompaniment
Not required
* To prevent the potential spread of disease, only one parent/guardian can enter the workshop venue.
Support in English
Science / Art

COVID-19 preventative measures
The workshop will be held with consideration for the health and safety of children, by taking measures against the spread of COVID-19.
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1st recruitment period
August 2nd (Tuesday) 10:00 ~ August 4th (Thursday) 24:00

2nd recruitment period
August 10th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ August 11th (Thursday) 24:00

3rd recruitment period
August 17th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ August 18th (Thursday) 24:00