"Summer Festival in the Metaverse" Create it from a scratch! Try it on programming, avatar, and world design (real in virtually)

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What is "Metaverse" that's so popular these days? Games? Virtual reality? Or a new business? In this workshop, children will be joined into 3 groups: (1) Programming, (2) Avatar + motion design, and (3) World design, to experience a "summer festival in a metaverse created from scratch" just for them. Let's become "creators of summer festivals" together with GREE VR Studio Laboratory, developer of smartphone app REALITY, Digital Hollywood University, and BLOCKVROCK!
GREE VR Studio Laboratory, REALITY, Inc. (Family of GREE, Inc. )
Cooperation with: levelenter, Digital Hollywood University
Date and time
・ August 19 (Fri), 13:00–14:30
・ August 19 (Fri), 15:30-17:00
Mori Building Head Office, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (We will contact you later regarding the specific meeting place)
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Entry fee
Maximum number of participants
18 per workshop
Eligible ages
Elementary school 4th grade and above (Recommended age group: Junior high school 2nd grade and above)
Parent/guardian accompaniment
Not required
* To prevent the potential spread of disease, only one parent/guardian can enter the workshop venue.
* Please note that due to the flow of the workshop, we are basically planning to have parents/guardians wait in a separate room. 
English / French support
Available in English and French
Things to prepare
The items that participants need to prepare for attending this workshop are as follows.
Please have these things ready and on hand when you come to the event.​ ​

・Smartphone (optional)
The programming tool will be "BLOCKVROCK" (https://blockvrock.com/). If you have programming experience with Scratch at school, it will be easy to understand. In addition to programming, you can also divide into groups and participate in avatar design and world design. If you have any creations that you usually make, we would appreciate it if you could bring them with you. For example, it can be a scribble on a notebook.
Digital, Art

COVID-19 preventative measures
The workshop will be held with consideration for the health and safety of children, by taking measures against the spread of COVID-19.
Refer to this page for details. 
See this page for the “Points of Note” and “Frequently-asked Questions” regarding the workshop.
Please review the “Points of Note” before you apply.
Visit this page if you need to inquire further about the workshop.

1st recruitment period
August 2nd (Tuesday) 10:00 ~ August 4th (Thursday) 24:00

2nd recruitment period
August 10th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ August 11th (Thursday) 24:00

3rd recruitment period
August 17th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ August 18th (Thursday) 24:00