Learn about "gender equality" with a quiz! Let's think together!

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Have you ever been told by someone to "make you more girlish" or "it's not like a boy"? In fact, one of the causes is the idea of "likeness" that is determined only by gender, and even in Japan today, men and women may not be equal. In order to create a future where everyone can live comfortably, it is very important to be aware of the beliefs and impositions of gender and to correct them little by little. On the day, let's enjoy learning about "gender equality" by taking a quiz that is familiar to you.
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Date and time
・ August 19th (Friday) 13: 30-14: 30
Special venue in the Toranomon Hills Atrium
Facility: Toranomon Hills
Area: Mori Tower 2F Atrium
*Not held in Roppongi Hills.
* Click here for directions to the special venue
Entry fee
Maximum number of participants
10 people
Recommended age group
5th to 6th grade
Parent/guardian accompaniment
Not required
* To prevent the potential spread of disease, only one parent/guardian can enter the workshop venue.
Support in English
Things to prepare
The necessary preparations for the workshop are as follows.
Please prepare the preparations in advance and bring them to the venue.

・ Writing tools for children

COVID-19 preventative measures
The workshop will be held with consideration for the health and safety of children, by taking measures against the spread of COVID-19.
Refer to this page for details. 
See this page for the “Points of Note” and “Frequently-asked Questions” regarding the workshop.
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1st recruitment period
August 2nd (Tuesday) 10:00 ~ August 4th (Thursday) 24:00

2nd recruitment period
August 10th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ August 11th (Thursday) 24:00

3rd recruitment period
August 17th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ August 18th (Thursday) 24:00